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We have iPoint Student Learning Centres at 6 locations giving you access to over 250 machines and many study spaces. These facilities are designed to give you plenty of resources and study space to independently study at a time and location to suit your needs.

iPoint Broadway A Floor | iPoint - Evolve Level 2
iPoint - Advance Level 2 | iPoint - Dudley Sixth DS112 & DS128

You should always be able to gain access to a computer whenever you need one. You can even reserve a computer in advance by using Netloan Our computer booking system. If there is a particular piece of equipment or software that you need to use within any of our centres, please approach the staff and we can discuss a solution with you. You will be able to use our centres upon the production of your college ID card. We hope we can assist with your achievements.

Accessing the Computer Network and College Systems

Every student at Dudley College is automatically given a login for the college computers / network. This login allows to you to access any student PC in the college by simply entering your username and password. You should have seen your username and password on your enrolment receipt, but if not here is a reminder:

Your username will be an 8 digit number that corresponds to your person code (as shown on your ID badge). If your person code is not 8 digits then you should add zeros to the start to make 8 digits. (e.g. if your person code is 345678, your username is 00345678). Your password will be your date of birth which must again be written as an 8 digit number (e.g. if you were born on the 4th Feb 1980, your password is 04021980).

Entering these details on the login screen of any student computer will grant you full access to that computer, including access to college software and the Internet. On first login, you will be asked to change your password to something more secure. You also have access to your own personal file storage area (called the U: drive). This is a private place where you can store and access your important documents and files. Therefore it is very important that you keep these login details safe.

This same username and password can be used to access Blackboard (your online, virtual learning environment), ProPortal (your electronic learning plan) and Netloan (Computer booking system).

If you should forget your login details or experience problems with your account, there are a few ways to get help:

For details on support for either Blackboard or ProMonitor click on the links above.